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Frequently Asked Questions

What payment channels does UniPin support?
Here is a list of our channel network by country and region: Please click this link to view the payment channels that we support.
How do I make a purchase on UniPin?
Please refer to the instructions here: Click here to open
How does UniPin help promote my services?
We provide you access to a wide array of digital marketing assets from our payment channel partners. This includes Facebook and Instagram posts, banner ads, and offline marketing activities! You can also contact our sales team to discuss other types of promotions.
Can mobile credits be used for the purchase of physical goods?
No. At the moment mobile credits can only be used to purchase digital content.
Does UniPin help to collect payments for the sales of physical tangible goods?
No. UniPin is optimized for the sale of digital goods via digital content providers (game publishers, live streaming platforms, video-on-demand, etc.).
Does UniPin support subscription payments?
UniPin supports the sale of subscriptions in the form of a voucher (for example, Netflix, Spotify). We do not support recurring subscription payments.
What is the difference between UniPin and other local payment channels?
UniPin provides very competitive fees, as well as access to the most popular payment channels. With UniPin, you can gain access to a large number of local payment channel providers via a single channel. UniPin Credits also allow you to connect to multiple video game currencies, using only one currency.
Is there an integration fee, setup fee, or minimum volume requirement?
No, UniPin does not charge any integration or setup fees and we do not impose minimum volume requirement. If outpayments are made to a bank account outside Labuan, international bank transfer fees shall apply.
How do I integrate UniPin into my app / game / website?
By registering as a Merchant, you will have access to UniPin’s developer API. UniPin API is the gateway to connect to our payment channel providers across multiple regions. Using the UniPin API, you will be able to activate multiple payment channels in seconds. Our API documentation supports English, Mandarin, and Bahasa Indonesia.
Do I need to have a local legal entity and/or bank account to work with UniPin?
No. We can have the contract with partners using the legal entity that you have established in your country of origin (i.e. China, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, United States, etc.) and payout in USD to the bank account that you have in that country.
In what currency are transactions processed? In what currency will I be paid?
UniPin processes transactions in the local currency of each country in which we operate such as SEA. We pay out in US Dollars or your local SEA currency as requested.
As a merchant, how long do I need to wait to receive my payments after a sale?
  • Using Direct Carrier Billing - about 60 days
  • Bank and ATM Transfers - about 30 days
  • Cash payments at convenience stores - about 30 days
  • Physical voucher redemptions - about 30 days
  • E-wallet payments - about 30 days
Are there any additional transaction fees as a Merchant?
Fees and payment terms vary depending on the payment channel used. Please email us with details about your business to [email protected] for our rate card.
Where do I find my transactions?
UniPin provides a dashboard to monitor and search through transaction records via our UniPin BackOffice. As part of the onboarding, our team will set you up with a BackOffice account. At the end of each month, you will also receive a transaction report by our finance team.